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You can add your website here for free. Simply copy and paste the link on "Add Website" button at the top, and let Dirmatch do the work for you. Dirmatch creates a page with your title, description and keywords automatically. This page is presented on first page. Google and other crawlers simple catch the page and add to the database for future searches. After that, people can find your website by simple searching on Google. Dirmatch will point the page to your website.

My website have some seo problems. Title and description tags are not defined on my website. What can I do?

Simple create an account at Dirmatch, add your website and in control panel you can change the tags. Google and other crawlers will index the page with the information you specified. You can change the information as many times as needed.


With an account at Dirmatch you can easily:
  • Change the presentation of your domain or articles
  • Add articles ( every relevant page )
  • See statistics
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My website has disappeared on Dirmatch first page. What happened?

The possible reasons for your website had disappeared from the first page can be:
  • Inapropriate content: Websites with sexually explicit content are not allowed and its removed permanently;
  • Any website / article without some kind of information / empty / without data

The websites / articles added are analysed automatically and you can see the effects of this rules after some time ( 1 or 2 hours ).

Development process

This website is in continuous development process and some features are not yet available.